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Thinking about chairs...

Reflections on the chair installation for the interim exhibition. – Peripheral

The similar chairs are next to each other. The dark chair is positioned at a slght distance, intended to be in the peripheral vision of one of the pair. Ideas of isolation, exclusion. Being ignored. The homeless person.

Chairs always stand in for people. Present and absent at the same time. The installation is ‘isolating the other” because It takes two similar chairs to form the exclusive group. The group which excludes the one because of difference. If there were only two chairs both would be other/neither would be ‘other’. The inside/outside binary would not exist. Three chairs creates the binary and the hierarchy within the binary. Us and them. With only two chairs the us/them dynamic does not exist.

Zoe said: look at what you did with the chairs and apply it to the plastic pieces.

What does that mean? What did I do?

I try to Deconstruct the process.

I had two chairs.

I wanted one chair to ignore the other chair.

I put the dark chair in the peripheral vision of the light chair.

I had another light chair.

If I put two chairs together and one apart I had “excluded”

Now everybody would see the light chairs ignoring the dark chair not two chairs dancing the flamenco.

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